Safe Drinking water

How climate change impacts water scarcity in Africa

Food security – Personal Hygiene & COVID – Waterborne illnesses – Threat to children’s education In the last 50 to 100 years the temperatures over Africa have increased by at least 0.5°C. According to the 5th IPCC Assessment Report Africa is particularly vulnerable to climate change. It has been prognosed that land temperatures over Africa […]

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Project Update Tsifota October

If you would like to see this update in its original format as it was presented in our most recent newsletter, follow this link. Preparations in Tsifota well underway We have started preparations in Tsifota. The images in this post show our local partners taking care of the on-site civil works to prepare for the new solar […]

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Green Light for Clean Water in Tsifota.

In this update, we are happy to announce that we have obtained all relevant paperwork required for the execution of the water project. Both the Water Authority and the Community Leaders have declared their support and involvement to enable the community of Tsifota to get access to clean water.  Madagascar has not escaped the global […]

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New project is confirmed: Tsifota

Announcement of our second water project For us as a foundation, the COVID-19 pandemic has only reinforced our mission to enable access to clean water. We are pleased to announce and share our next project location, Tsifota. Tsifota is located on the south west coast of Madagascar, just like our first project location Efoesty.  Water scarcity in Tsifota […]

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Students from the Delft University of Technology Host a Benefit Dinner

United in the student association Het Gezelschap “Practische Studie”​, the civil engineering students of Technische Universiteit Delft organized a benefit dinner to support the cause of the Elemental Water Foundation. We would like to express our thanks and gratitude to all the participating students, the supporting companies DEME Group, Rijkswaterstaat, Arcadis and the organizing committee. […]

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We did it! Efoetsy overcomes water scarcity.

We are excited to announce that the Water Project in Madagascar has been successfully delivered and commissioned. The community of Efoetsy is now enjoying a daily supply of 15,000 liters of clean water, made by utilizing the sunshine to desalinate saltwater. The water is distributed using different fountains in the community, while local people are […]

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Fundraising finished for Efoetsy Project

Since our project began on World Water Day on the 22nd of March, 2019, we have been receiving hundreds of donations and have now fully funded our project. This is a huge milestone for the community and for us. We would like to express our gratitude to all of our donors that have made this possible. Thank you […]

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Madagascar water project getting closer to realization.

We’ve nearly reached our fundraising goal! Since our last update we’re excited to announce we have hit 80% of our fundraising target. In only a matter of weeks we’ll be ready to bring drinkable water to Efoetsy.  Local construction has started. Thanks to your donations, the community of Efoetsy, Madagascar will soon have enough water for its 3,000 […]

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