We won’t leave Madagascar high and dry.

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We won’t leave Madagascar high and dryFor the last two years, Madagascar received only around 60% of its usual average rainfall, the lowest in 30 years. How is this drought affecting Madagascar?The consecutive drought in the Grand Sud (South) continues to generate widespread food needs and exacerbate the vulnerabilities of poor communities, the majority of whom rely on agricultural livelihoods, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).Although much help has been pledged, the situation is still dire and food shortage is a constant struggle. This recent article of the Financial Times gives a good insight into the complexity and gravity of the situation. The Elemental Water Foundation focuses on what we can do and are happy to provide you with this update on the progress of our third project in Madagascar for the community of Anja-Belitsaka.
Give Water for Madagscar
Anja-Belitsaka project moving forwardThe permits have been obtained and the design has been completed to provide the community of Anja-Belistaka with 30,000 liters of clean after per day. Together with our local partner Transmad Development we are working on the next steps of the project. Meanwhile, funding is going steadily and we have already reached 57% of the total project funding. We are grateful for your support, which will materialize as clean water in Madagascar. 
Support the community of Anja-Belistaka
Cordstrap provides clean water for MadagascarDuring Cordstrap Day on July 12th, all 200+ European colleagues of Cordstrap got together. The participants engaged with charities including ourselves to make a positive impact. In total, they allocated a contribution of over 1700 EUR to the project for Anja-Belitsaka. Thank you Cordstrap!
OVIVO provides clean water for MadagascarAs part of their environmental and social governance, Ovivo has been contributing to several initiatives that resonate with their goals. We would like to thank OVIVO for their contribution of 790 EUR for the Anja-Belitsaka project!
Would you also like to get involved with your Organization to provide clean water?

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