Project Update Tsifota October

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Preparations in Tsifota well underway

We have started preparations in Tsifota. The images in this post show our local partners taking care of the on-site civil works to prepare for the new solar desalination plant. They are currently building the housing for the desalination plant and are preparing for the drilling of the well.

The plant is going to provide Tsifota and small communities in the surrounding area with 20,000 litres of drinking water per day! This means that we will have contributed to fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goal 6 of the United Nations for 3,700 more people.

Tsifota funding going well

We have already collected more than 60% of the funding goal! With the fundraising continuing to go well our local partners are looking forward to soon beginning the construction of the water plant.

If you want to help us fund the project, share our project on social media with your friends and family. Every donation is one step closer to providing the community in and around Tsifota with clean drinking water!

Facing COVID-19 in Tsifota

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has not halted in its spread. Important safety measures make progress more challenging, still we are on a good path to getting the new solar desalination plant to Tsifota as soon as possible. Providing the local population with clean and affordable water will allow them to practice good hygiene and make them more resilient against COVID-19.

Changemakers found!

We are happy to announce that we have made two new additions to the Elemental Water Foundation family. This month we are heartily welcoming Lisa and David! Lisa and David are working on spreading the news of our mission and attracting people who want to support us and rural villages in Madagascar like Tsifota and Efoetsy.

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