Green Light for Clean Water in Tsifota.

In this update, we are happy to announce that we have obtained all relevant paperwork required for the execution of the water project. Both the Water Authority and the Community Leaders have declared their support and involvement to enable the community of Tsifota to get access to clean water. 

Madagascar has not escaped the global grasp of COVID-19, with periods of national and regional lockdowns to prevent its spreading. Access to clean water remains the first line of defense through hygiene. Together with your support, we will increase the resilience of the community of Tsifota, like we did with Efoetsy. 
Enjoy the after movie of our water project in Efoesty:
Water scarcity in the community of Tsifota
The Tsifota project will help 3,700 people, including village communities in the surrounding areas gain access to affordable clean drinking water using only the sea and sun. So far, the villagers have never had full access to clean water to meet their daily needs.The majority of households live on around 1 euro per day. They depend on wells that do not provide safe and sufficient water; it is salty and limited. The community of Tsifota is in dire need of a sustainable and resilient water solution.
Tsifota funding is well on its way
We have already reached >50% of the funding goal milestone for the Tsifota project! This means our local partner will start with the local civil works on-site to prepare for the clean water project.

With the donations, the Elemental Water Foundation in cooperation with Transmad, our local partner will construct a solar desalination plant in Tsifota that generates drinking water from the sea using only the sun.
Making a life changing differenceThe project will provide a sustainable supply of 20,000 litres of high-quality fresh water per day. This water will be distributed through a water network to the village of Tsifota and surrounding areas. For the community, access to clean water means better living conditions, as water-related diseases are prevented. Also, they will be able to practice good hygiene through the washing of hands with clean water, as this has proven an important frontier against the spread of COVID-19. Lastly, a new reliable water supply also means better prospects for food security.
Our community was faced with a great water problem causing suffering. But thanks to the desalination water project, our water needs are satisfied. We are delighted with the project and wish other communities can experience the same. Madagascar | Teacher | School in Efoetsy  
Support Our Second Project
Sharing is Caring: Water for All
Changemaker wanted!We are looking for a full-time or part-time intern to further develop our partnerships, help us with our communication, and increase our fundraising activities with the goal to provide safe water to developing countries. Will you help us make more impact?

Please take a look at the full vacancy here.
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