New possibilities to contribute: online shop and Facebook fundraisers

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Visit our new online shop to donate 8400 liters

We have very exciting news! We have spent the last few weeks setting up an online store on our website, of which all proceeds will be donated towards our clean water projects. You now have the opportunity to buy a cool t-shirt and increase water availability in rural Madagascar with just one purchase. The price of one t-shirt translates into a donation of 8400 liters of clean drinking water, which would provide one person with more than 10 years worth of water. A preview of the t-shirts can be seen below and they are available in many different colour variations on our website.
 Check out our new store here and consider gifting your loved ones, or yourself, a t-shirt that does more good than just making you look stylish!

And the t-shirts are produced sustainably too

T-shirts sold on our website are 100% premium organic cotton and fair fashion. Using organic cotton means saving 750 liters of water (2.5 bathtubs full) when compared to the production of conventional cotton t-shirts. Additionally, they are suitable for people with allergies and sensitive skin as no synthetic pesticides were used in the cultivation of the cotton. Producing the t-shirts as fair fashion means that there is no child labour in the production of the t-shirts and that the workers who do produce the t-shirts receive fair wages.

Get your community involved with a Facebook fundraiser

Would you like to create a fundraiser for our solar desalination project and animate your friends and family to contribute towards the cause as well? Finally, you can create facebook fundraisers for the Elemental Water Foundation! It’s easy, simply think of a fun or otherwise interesting fundraising idea, login to Facebook, and in the left-hand panel click on ‘See More’, then select ‘Fundraisers’. Under ‘Raise Money’ click on ‘Select Nonprofit’ then search for ‘Elemental Water Foundation’. Fill out how much money you would like to raise and give your friends a short explanation of your fundraiser and why it’s important, then watch as your community starts contributing donations.
For some nice fundraising ideas and more information check out our new page.

Welcome to 2021!

Happy New Year! With our first blog post in 2021, we would like to officially welcome you in this new year and wish you the very best! Do you have any new years resolutions? Here’s ours:
This year is the year we are planning to finish our project in Tsifota!
So far we have encountered the unexpected challenges that COVID-19 brought with it, but still, we were able to progress according to schedule and, thanks to you, have already collected 76% of the necessary funding. This year we will continue to work hard and face every arising issue with determination and innovation to realize our goal.

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