It’s the time of giving, and discover our new look for 2021

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Meet our new identity embodying our values

Thank you for participating in our logo and t-shirt design competition! We received many great contributions and finally decided to go with the logo featured below. We unanimously agreed that this logo perfectly brings together the three core requirements for our projects to work: the sun, the ocean, and collaboration.
We will exchange the logo on our website and all social media outlets with the new logo, so keep your eyes posted to see our new logo around.
For more information on the t-shirt, stay posted for our upcoming newsletter in the new year.

Spread the joy with an end of the year donation

The end of the year is cause of celebration for most people; whether you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, the New Year or any other holiday, this is a time to come together (at least in spirit) and be grateful of and joyous for all of your blessings.
Would you like to give 7000 litres of clean drinking water to the community of Tsifota? A Christmas donation of 10 € will enable the production of that much clean water, generated using only the sea and sun.

Busy with civil-works in Tsifota

We are happy to report that the civil-works are progressing according to the schedule, despite the complications posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The well, which will be the source of water for the desalination plant, is completed, while the building used to house the desalination plant, the water kiosk and the water tower are under construction and coming along nicely. 
Take a look at the image series below to track the progress of the water tower or chateau d’eau (French) as our local partners call it.

Thank you and until next year!

Thank you for supporting us this year! Be sure to stay safe and healthy over the holiday season and we are looking forward to meeting again in the next year.
We wish you all happy holidays and a happy new year! Let 2021 be a year of community, support and peace.

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