Our next water project arrived in Madagascar.

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Behind the scenes we have been working hard to realize the next clean water project for the Anja-Belitsaka community in Madagascar. Today, we are happy to share a big milestone that the water treatment equipment has made it to Tulear. Meanwhile, the situation is Madagascar has not improved and has only been worsened by climate change. Besides the direct effects of having to deal with droughts, there are also social impacts that the World Bank recently reported upon. Once our local partner TransMad has finalized the local preparations on-site for the water project, and the container has been cleared from customs, we can initiate the next step for completion which would be the installation on-site. We are very excited about this next step and want to thank all our donors who have made this possible. 
Give Water for Madagscar
CE Special Courier Donates Jerrycans & MedkitsNicole Denijs of CE Special Couriers, who have been in business this year for 46 years and never lost a package, donated a bunch of jerrycans & medkits for our next project in Anja-Belistaka. The goods have been delivered carefully and have been included in the latest shipment to Madagascar. Thank you CE Special Couriers!
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Projects in Efoetsy & Tsifota are making water dailyConsidering the great need for clean water, we are happy to report that both projects in Efoetsy and Tsifota have been making water on a daily basis. Besides access to clean water, this also improves the health of the community as the water is safe to drink, reduces collection time to get the water freeing up time for other activities and improves the climate resilience. 
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