There are many ways you can support our next project!

PhD Defence

Paul van Erp

Paul van Erp asked for donations to celebrate his PhD defence and to support our next project!

40th Anniversary

JCI Volcke Rack

JCI Volcke Rack organized a water conference for their 40th anniversary. They made use of this occasion by collecting donations to help Efoetsy!

View our list of examples below or get creative to get your community to donate towards a project you believe in!

  • How about a sponsored challenge? Do you like to run, walk, swim, cycle? Set yourself a challenge, for e.g. a 5km / 10km / half marathon run and ask your family and friends to donate for every kilometre you run.
  • Birthdays, graduations, weddings, Christmas… Instead of asking for gifts for your next big celebration, ask your friends and family to donate to the Elemental Water Foundation instead.
  • Why not organise a fundraising event? Whether a bake sale or a talent show, at an elementary school or at university, people love to come together in events and are likely to give a donation if they have some fun in return!
  • Will you dare a Give It Up Challenge? What can’t you live without? What do you take with you everywhere you go or what can you not go one day without? Challenge yourself to not use this item or perform this habit for as long as you can (or want) and ask your friends and family to sponsor everyday you successfully complete. Be sure to keep your sponsors updated with pictures and messages!
  • Share our site and social media with your community! Raising awareness for our foundation and what we do is a very powerful tool in increasing our outreach and helping us reach more people who would like to donate or get involved.

Het Gezelschap “Practische Studie”​

Student Association of TU Delft

The student association “Practische Studie”​ from TU Delft hosted a benefit dinner to support our next project!


To encourage our employees to stay fit and healthy we organized the cross-channel challenge where people were being asked to go for a walk, run or bike ride and at the same time support a charity!
The goal of the challenge was to jointly cover the distance between the Amsterdam Business Unit and the London Business Unit, which is 533 kilometres total,  head-to-head with our Netherlands and UK colleagues. 11 teams with 6 to 7 members, participated in the challenge, 7 teams from NL and 4 teams from UK, a total of 70 people. The first team who finished the 533 kilometres, and won the challenge, did that much faster than expected, in only 2 weeks (where we had planned 6 weeks)! After 2 weeks the 11 teams already walked, ran and cycled 5000 kilometres together! Our next challenge will be with our colleagues from the New York Business Unit. 😊
With the challenge, we supported the Elemental Water Foundation and donated 533 EURO.

Execute your fundraiser in just 6 easy steps!


What will your fundraiser be?

Think of a fun idea for your fundraiser; figure out how you will execute the fundraiser and when and where it will take place.


Create a facebook fundraiser

Follow this link to find out how to create a facebook fundraiser. Select to collect donations for a non-profit and find Elemental Water Foundation in the search tab.
Alternatively send your family a link to our donations page and ask them to complete their donations there.



Share your fundraiser on all your social media platforms and tell all your friends and family members about it.



Watch as the donations start coming in and you get closer and closer to your fundraising goal.



Post reminders on your social media to remind your friends of how much time they have left to donate.


Be proud

Be proud of yourself, your friends and your family for contributing towards providing people with clean drinking water and ending the poverty cycle!

Safety first in times of COVID-19

Even in times of the COVID-19 crisis you can get involved without exposing yourself or your community to any heightened risk! Many fundraising events can easily be performed at home.

  • Sports challenges at home: ask your friends and family to sponsor you as you embark on a fitness challenge. Follow daily youtube workouts or run up and down your staircase. Be creative and figure out what you can do in your home to stay fit and help us bring clean drinking water to rural villages in Madagascar at the same time!
  • Celebrations: nobody enjoys being alone on a momentous day. Organise a dinner over video call to celebrate your birthday and ask your guests to donate to the foundation instead of sending you a gift.
  • The Give It Up Challenge: We’re all in need of some new entertainment after being unable to enjoy all sorts of community events for months now. Make it interesting by letting your friends and family know that you will be going 1 month without chocolate or without shaving or without make-up, whatever it is that you cannot live without. Then ask them to make a donation for every day you complete! Be sure to send them pictures and keep them updated!
  • Share, share, share… Let everybody know about the Elemental Water Foundation and our mission to bring potable water to rural villages in Madagascar through sustainably desalinising coastal water. Share our webpage and social media to enable your friends and family to support a cause they believe in!

Let us know about your fundraiser

Reach out to us if you have any questions about how to conduct your fundraiser, we are happy to help! We would also love to hear about how your fundraiser went; how did you come up with the idea? Were you surprised about your communities engagement? We would love to receive pictures from your fundraiser and with your permission share them on our website and social media.

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