It’s time for clean water in Madagascar.

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It has been a tough year in Madagascar. More than one million people in southern Madagascar have been facing a severe drought that has spurred the world’s first climate change famine, as reported by the United Nations.

We have some good news for Madagascar:
– We reached 100% funding for the clean water project in Tsifota
– Madagascar finally re-opened, project completion is planned for December
– We launched a new (third) project for an even bigger community.

You will find more information on each of these announcements in this newsletter and would like to thank you for all your support!
100% funding reached for Tsifota project
We are proud to report that our second project, for the Tsifota community in the southwest of Madagascar has been 100% funded. This means that its execution can be fully completed. The region has been facing extreme drought. The existing project in Efoetsy since 2019 has been of great help to the community. With the full project funding reached, Tsifota will soon also benefit from a resilient supply using only the sea and sun.  
Project completion planned for December Since the start of COVID-19, Madagascar has kept its border closed for our aid since October 2020. The equipment had already arrived in Tulear, the main city in the southwest, early in 2021. Unfortunately, we had to wait until November 2021 for the overseas flights from Europe to re-open. The engineering team that will commission this project and train the locals for operation expect to be able to finish before Christmas. 
Meanwhile, Project #3 is being developped Over 11 million people in Madagascar have no access to safe water. Rural areas face the most difficulty having access to clean water, with over 85% of them lacking access. As many women & children are still spending hours each day collecting unsafe water, the Elemental Water Foundation has decided to develop and fund another project for a community in Madagascar. 

Building upon the experience and partnerships realized with our previous Madagascar water projects, we are certain that we can again make a difference & generate a sustainable impact. This project will make 30.000 liters per day for almost 4.000 people in the community of Anja-Belistaka 
Support our Latest Project
The Foundation on the Beach in ScheveningenThe Shore is a sustainable surf school and meeting place in Scheveningen, The Netherlands. It’s a common area for surfers, lovers of nature, and people who like to live an honest and conscience life. Together with The Shore, we have been creating awareness on access to clean water in Madagascar. 

The people visiting The Shore get access to free water from the tap and have the opportunity to donate clean water to Madagascar, which continues to result in a positive impact. We want to thank The Shore for this cooperation and Teddy Lauren for the beautiful picture. 
Give Water for Madagscar
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