Thanks to your support, Tsifota now enjoys clean water!

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Tsifota now enjoys 20.000 liters of clean water dailyIt’s been a long period since Madagascar has closed itself off from the outside world as a result of COVID. In that same period, the country had to endure one of the worst droughts, as well as several tropical cyclones.

We are happy to share that the project has been successfully commissioned and the local operators have been trained to operate and maintain the installation. For the past three weeks, the installation team has been working hard in Tsifota, side-by-side with our local partner Trans-Mad Développement to commission the solar desalination project. 

As a result, the community of Tsifota now enjoys a daily supply of 20.000 liters of clean water, made only from the elements of seawater and sunshine. 
Give Water for Madagscar
A sustainable business model: 1 liter for 0,0013 €Water has been provided free of charge to everyone for a week. After that period, there is a small contribution with the purpose to cover the operational expenses of the system and ensure a sustainable business model. The water will be distributed at a rate of 6 Ariary per liter, which equals 0,0013 € per liter. That’s only 0,13 cents per liter which comes at a much lower expense than the currently unsafe transported water or bottled water. 
Official opening for the communityThe mayor of Tsifota and its population gathered for the official opening of the project, in which the technology was demonstrated.
Give Water for Madagscar
Thank you for your support which made it possible to reach several Sustainable Development GoalsWater is an interconnected Sustainable Development Goal. This project is so much more than just access to clean water:

SDG 3: 4000 people in a remote community will enjoy a better health
Clean water and health are closely linked. Water pollution kills more than wars and all violence combined: Each year, 3.4 million people, mostly children, die from water-related diseases. The desalination technology filters out dangerous substances, contributing to global health

SDG 6: 4000 people in a remote community gained access to clean water.
Water scarcity is preventing millions of people from proper sanitation. Solar desalination is a solution to improve sanitation and clean water accessibility, especially in remote places with severe water stress.

SDG 11: Resilience is provided by a sustainable solution
Many communities rely on unsustainably treated water, which is often, next to being environmentally damaging, very expensive. By using only the sea and sun, resilience is provided for future increasing droughts.
The project completion was delayed by COVIDIn our previous newsletter, we were still expecting to finish the project in December. Unfortunately, the commissioning team tested positive for COVID-19 and could therefore not travel internationally. The second attempt went well, and after two days of mandatory quarantine, the engineers could start the implementation. With the current restrictions in place, it took the team 100 hours just to reach Tsifota (one way). Talking about a rural community!
Anja-Belitsaka is the next communityOver 11 million people in Madagascar have no access to safe water. Rural areas face the most difficulty having access to clean water, with over 85% of them lacking access. As many women & children are still spending hours each day collecting unsafe water, the Elemental Water Foundation has decided to develop and fund another project for a community in Madagascar. 
Building upon the experience and partnerships realized with our previous Madagascar water projects, we are certain that we can again make a difference & generate a sustainable impact. This project will make 30.000 liters per day for almost 4.000 people in the community of Anja-Belistaka together.Funding is already progressing steadily with 40% reached.  
Support the community of Anja-Belistaka

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