T-shirt and Logo Design Competition and becoming an Ambassador

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We need your creativity:
Logo and T-shirt design competition

Help us revamp our Foundation’s logo. We would love to explore a new logo to incorporate elements of the ocean and the sun. We are hoping for some fun and interesting designs that reflect the importance of our clean water mission.

We are planning to offer a t-shirt on our website to provide you with a useful product that will allow you to support our projects and spread awareness of our mission, all with one purchase. The proceeds of all t-shirt sales will be going directly towards improving access to clean water in Madagascar.
For the t-shirt, we would also like to see elements of the ocean and the sun, short and sweet text, and our (new) logo. The t-shirt will be printed on the front as you can see below. You can also choose to make a much smaller logo, the picture below describes the maximum size. The color of the t-shirt is also variable.

The winner of the competition will receive eternal fame, a free t-shirt with their design, plus their design will be sold on our official website!

Who can participate

The competition is open to everyone! Whether you enjoy design in your free time and have been designing your entire life, or if you have just recently picked up the hobby. Whether you’ve studied and work professionally in design, or if you’ve never done any design before and just think this competition sounds like fun and want to give it a go. No matter your age, everyone is welcome to participate.
Participation may be especially interesting for anybody looking to expand their design portfolio.

Design Requirements

  • The logo design must be handed in as a .jpg or .png.
  • The t-shirt design must be handed in as a .png.
  • Both designs must have a size of less than 6 MB and have at least 300 dpi.
  • There is no limit on the number of submissions per entrant.
  • The deadline for handing in the design is 30.11.2020.
  • Send all of your designs to elementalwaterfoundation@gmail.com.

T-shirt provider

We will be using the print on demand (POD) service by shirtee.com to offer our t-shirts. POD means that each t-shirt will be printed only once an order for it comes in. This method saves resources as there will be no excessive printing and no t-shirts will be wasted.
We will be using the organic cotton t-shirts offered by shirtee. Their organic cotton t-shirts are fair fashion, and have been awarded with labels of OEKO-Tex and the Fair-Wear Foundation (see the labels above).
The production of one organic cotton t-shirt uses 750 litres less water than the production of a conventional cotton t-shirt. Additionally, no synthetic pesticides are used in the cultivation of the cotton making it more skin-friendly, which is why they are recommended for those suffering of allergies.
Follow this link for more information.

Become an ambassador

It is now possible to become an ambassador on our website and register for recurring donations at any custom amount. Simply visit our donate page and follow the provided button, alternatively click the link here. You will then be taken to a page that looks like the image above. Follow the three simple steps provided to become an ambassador in less than five minutes.
We and the citizens of Tsifota are very grateful for any and all of your contributions to our project!

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