New project is confirmed: Tsifota

Announcement of our second water project

For us as a foundation, the COVID-19 pandemic has only reinforced our mission to enable access to clean water. We are pleased to announce and share our next project location, Tsifota. Tsifota is located on the south west coast of Madagascar, just like our first project location Efoesty. 

Water scarcity in Tsifota

The Tsifota project will help 3,700 people, including village communities in the surrounding areas gain access to affordable clean drinking water using only the sea and sun. So far, the villagers have never had full access to clean water to meet their daily needs.The majority of households live on around 1 euro per day. They depend on wells that do not provide safe and sufficient water; it is salty and limited. The community of Tsifota is in dire need of a sustainable and resilient water solution.

Solving the water problem

The Elemental Water Foundation in cooperation with Transmad, our local partner, and a local civil works company, will construct a solar desalination plant. The project will provide a sustainable supply of 20,000 litres of high-quality fresh water per day. This water will be distributed through a water network to the village of Tsifota and surrounding areas. For the community, access to clean water means better living conditions, as water related diseases are prevented. Also, they will be able to practice good hygiene through the washing of hands with clean water, as this has proven an important frontier against the spread of COVID-19. Lastly, a new reliable water supply also means better prospects for food security.

Making a life changing difference

Through our projects we seek to have wider impact on communities and improve the lives of marginalized groups. In particular, women and children who are burdened with water collection duties and are unable to enjoy their rights to education and self-development. Moreover, our projects also create employment opportunities. For instance, in the water kiosk, affordable clean drinking water is sold by and for the local community, at a price the people are able and willing to pay. All of these efforts contribute to socio-economic progress and help change communities for the better.

Our nationwide COVID-19 billboard campaign in the Netherlands to draw attention to the most vulnerable remote communities in Madagascar.
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