UN World Water Day 2021

Using Dutch desalination technology to give sea water a new value for third world communities.

On World Water Day 2021, the Elemental Water Foundation wants to emphasize the importance of water. The Elemental Water Foundation puts the value of water at the core of its humanitarian activities. 

The first project started with the 3.000 inhabitants of Efoetsy, a Madagascar village located on the dry south-western coast. This community has been struggling with water scarcity over the past years. Using off-grid solar-powered desalination technology, the EWF provides daily access to 15,000 litres of affordable clean drinking water year-round. 

The upcoming project in Tsifota(Madagascar)is the continuation of this long term water project. Using naturally available resources, the EWF enables local communities to value salty water differently.

World Water Day is a date for celebrating and reminding how crucial the role of water is. With water scarcity affecting almost two-thirds of the world’s population, valuing water is a relevant topic more than ever. Especially for the 11 million people living in Madagascar, who still lack access to freshwater. 

The remote village of Efoetsy, located on the dry south-western coast of Madagascar, is an example of this. The 3.000 inhabitants of the region live in extreme poverty and survive by fishing and agricultural activities. In their struggle to obtain water, women and children walk several hours per day for unsafe and salty water sources. Besides, the consequences of poor water access influence education, social life and economic development. 

To maximize the potential of salty seawater, the EWF team developed a sustainable desalination technology. The conversion allows to solve freshwater scarcity and give water a new social and economic value. The EWF enables the local community to control the production and sales of the water to reach economic independence. Additionally, the EWF focuses on the value of water as a mean for social development. 

By avoiding the inhabitants to spend hours on water collection, schooling and self-development activities can take place. In this sense, the foundation enables Madagascar people to give water a new value, empowering their economy and social life.

The positive outcome of the first project confirmed the decisive impact of EWF’s work. The Elemental Water Foundation is on its way to complete the second project in Tsifota, Madagascar. The goal is to solve the water scarcity problem by providing a sustainable water supply that produces 20.000 litres of high-quality freshwater per day.

As of right now, the EWF defined the project implementation plan and project budget with our partner Trans-Mad’ Devèlopment. The desalination technology is on its way to Tsifota, while the inhabitants are busy building a water tower that will host the desalination system. Currently, the foundation raised 87% of the required funds for the project execution. Once the EWF reaches 100%, the Tsifota inhabitants will have a running and efficient water kiosk.

To reach this goal, EWF needs the support of everyone that believes that clean, easily accessible water is a fundamental human right. The EWF values water as a factor of health safeguard and human progress. On World Water Day 2021, the Elemental Water Foundation wants to share its vision and celebrate with the people that want to support the process of ensuring water accessibility.

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