There’s been a drought in Madagascar, yet progress is coming

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Drought has been hitting South-West MadagascarIn recent months the situation in the southern regions of Madagascar has seriously worsened with the worst drought in 40 years. According to Julie Reversé, emergency coordinator in Madagascar for Médecins Sans Frontières, if the current circumstances do not change, the communities are going to face serious hunger-related issues and encounter difficulties in agriculture (The Guardian, 2021).

The southern region of Madagascar is home to the communities of Efoetsy and Tsifota, where The Elemental Water Foundation is already active to tackle the water issue that threatens the welfare of the communities. 

With your support, the Elemental Water Foundation continued building the chateau d’eau to help solve the urgent water scarcity problem and enable water distribution using gravity. A sustainable water supply that will produce 20.000 litres of high-quality freshwater per day will follow, allowing the community to prosper again. Our local civil-works partners are working on the construction of the facilities required for the solar desalination plant.⁠ 
Although all difficulties faced, the progress is remarkable, and the Elemental Water Foundation is glad to announce that we are ready to set up our desalination system later this summer (provided that the COVID-19 situation allows for it).⁠ The funding process is at 88%, which means that we are about to complete the project. We call for your continued support for the Tsifota community in these last few steps.

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Featured at The Hague Online 

We are happy to share with you this article recently published by The Hague Online. You will find some interesting facts about our work and the way we give seawater a new value. It is nice to see that the international community supports the Elemental Water Foundation by sharing our work and commitment. Our goal is to spread awareness and increase the attention around Madagascar. By doing so, we can generate funding and bring fresh water to their homes! A special thanks to The Hague Online that picked up our story and shared it.
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