This is how Synechron donated 373,100 liters… Plus, we’re on Twitter!

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Synechron: Cross-Channel Challenge

Recently, we were approached by Synechron, a leading digital transformation consulting firm focused on the financial services industry. They envisioned combining health and fitness by organizing a challenge for the benefit of the community in Tsifota.

To encourage our employees to stay fit and healthy we organized the cross-channel challenge where people were being asked to go for a walk, run or bike ride and at the same time support a charity!

The goal of the challenge was to jointly cover the distance between the Amsterdam Business Unit and the London Business Unit, which is 533 kilometres total, head-to-head with our Netherlands and UK colleagues. 11 teams with 6 to 7 members, participated in the challenge, 7 teams from NL and 4 teams from UK, a total of 70 people. The first team who finished the 533 kilometres, and won the challenge, did that much faster than expected, in only 2 weeks (where we had planed 6 weeks)! After 2 weeks the 11 teams already walked, ran and cycles 5000 kilometres together! Our next challenge will be with our colleagues from the New York Business Unit. 😊 

Please be aware that this image was taken before the COVID-19 pandemic.

We want to say congratulations to Synechron for their successful challenge and thank them for supporting us in providing drinking water to the people of coastal Madagascar! Their donation of 533€ translates into 373,100 liters, which is sufficient drinking water to provide for 500 people for one whole year.

WordPress help wanted

We are looking for someone who is skilled with WordPress and wants to help us update our website. There is a draft design available and we are looking for someone to implement this design from paper to an actual functioning WordPress website that runs with several different apps, ensuring it runs smoothly and creates a good impression of our work and mission.
Are you able to help us with this and would you like to add our website to your portfolio? Contact us today!

Missed our contribution during World Water Day?

In case you missed it: our Chairman, Sid Vollebregt, gave a talk about his experience with solar-powered desalination systems at the SITE4Society conference “Water Source Security: Is Desalination the way to go?”, held on World Water Day 2021. He specifically talked about the technology we use here at the Elemental Water Foundation to provide the people of Tsifota and Efoetsy, Madagascar with clean drinking water. If this sounds interesting to you follow this link to see Sid’s presentation on YouTube.

New Twitter Account 

We are excited to invite you to our new Twitter page. Here, we will be sharing news updates concerning the current happenings at EWF and sharing relevant content. Feel free to mention us in any post you think would be interesting and relevant to us.

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