Today is World Water Day! This is how we are giving value

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The value of water

This year’s World Water Day theme is the value of water, to go with this theme, we have published a new article about how EWF impacts the value of water. It is easy for people who have clean water available to them as conveniently as turning a tap at one of the multiple locations inside their home, to forget about just what a privilege this is. An estimated 790 million people do not have access to an improved water supply, follow this link to read the full article on what we do to change this through changing the value of salty unsafe water.

Our Chairman at the World Water Day Conference

Today, on World Water Day 2021, SITE4Society hosted a conference on the topic “Water Source Security: Is Desalination the way to go?”. Desalination refers to the technology that removes salts and minerals from salty water to produce freshwater, the same technology that EWF uses to provide communities in Madagascar with safe drinking water. However, due to multiple challenges, desalination is not as widespread and popular as one might initially expect. Our Chairman, Sid Vollebregt, participated in the conference to talk about his experience using solar-powered desalination systems.
If you are interested in watching Sid’s talk, follow this link to see the recording on youtube (his part is about half an hour long).

Our Participation in the World Water Run

To show our support of the World Water Day and the value of water to EWF, all our volunteers participated in the World Water Run. The aim is for all participants to walk or run a combined distance of  40,075 km, which is equal to the circumference of the world, within 7 days. We had set it as our goal to walk or run a total of 130 km, and we were able to hit and surpass our target by walking and running a total of 152 km. Take a look at the images above for some impressions of our volunteers participating in the challenge.

In case you missed it: 

Our new shop is now live! You can select from a variety of different t-shirts to support our current clean water project in Madagascar. One t-shirt translates into a donation of 8400 liters, which is enough drinking water for one person for over 10 years!
Take a look at the images above and below to see our beautiful volunteers proudly wearing our new t-shirts.

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