Madagascar Implementation Agreement Finalized

An implementation agreement with Trans-Mad’ Développement has been signed. This agreement solidifies EWF and Transmad’s collaborative plan to construct a solar-powered desalination unit for the village of Efoetsy, located in South-West Madagascar. The inhabitants of Efoetsy and their surroundings live in extreme poverty and survive by picking wild fruits, hunting and fishing. In addition, the South-West of Madagascar experiences an arid climate and receives fewer than 200mm of rainfall per year while current drinking water sources fail to reach WHO health standards. Together, these conditions make securing safe drinking water a day-to-day challenge and create a challenging context for the construction of water infrastructure. This upcoming project provides a solution to urgent water scarcity by constructing a sustainable water supply that produces 15,000 liters of high-quality fresh water per day. This fresh water is produced by desalination using only solar energy, and will be distributed through a piped water supply network. By complementing Transmad’s 20 years of working experience in Madagascar with Elemental Water Makers innovative desalination solutions and a skilled local civil works company, this project will move Efoetsy from water scarcity into water abundance.

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