Partnership with Transmad signed

With great pleasure, we can announce that today we have signed a Memory of Understanding for the partnership between Elemental Water Foundation and Transmad, a local NGO who has been doing work in South-West Madagascar for over 20 years. The Foundation is very impressed of the work that Transmad has realized in Madagascar and excited to partner up to be able to initiate its first sustainable water project.

The CEO of Transmad, Frederic  Masquet, came to The Netherlands to discuss the situation in South-West Madagascar and its need for sustainable water access through solar desalination.  During this discussion, the possibilities and responsibilities for a potential partnership have been explored. Based on these discussions, we have been able to compose a framework together that allows us to scope the first sustainable water project.

Transmad is dedicated to take care of all local hurdles, such as arranging the importation and local transportation of the equipment of the project. Also, they will take care of the authorization and permits that are required. Lastly, they will arrange the personnel that will be trained to operate the water project. They will remain responsible for the operational phase of the project during its lifetime.

The region can benefit strongly from an improved water access. The people now rely on  brackish groundwater or expensive water from 20 km distance. Solar desalination is the right solution for this area. We are happy to partner up with the Elemental Water Foundation to make this possible. Frederic Macquet, CEO Transmad.

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