Fundraising finished for Efoetsy Project

Since our project began on World Water Day on the 22nd of March, 2019, we have been receiving hundreds of donations and have now fully funded our project. This is a huge milestone for the community and for us. We would like to express our gratitude to all of our donors that have made this possible. Thank you […]

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Madagascar water project getting closer to realization.

We’ve nearly reached our fundraising goal! Since our last update we’re excited to announce we have hit 80% of our fundraising target. In only a matter of weeks we’ll be ready to bring drinkable water to Efoetsy.  Local construction has started. Thanks to your donations, the community of Efoetsy, Madagascar will soon have enough water for its 3,000 […]

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JCI Volcke Rack Contribute €15.000,40 to help Efoetsy

Thanks to contributions from JCI Volcke Rack on their 40th anniversary, we’re closer than ever to achieving our goal. On May 18th, 2019 JCI Volcke Rack organised a water conference to learn about water’s effect on society. On this day they raised €15.000,40 to help Efoetsy. Wilde Ganzen’s commitment to multiply donations means that the massive €15.000,40 raised by JCI […]

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