We did it! Efoetsy overcomes water scarcity.

We are excited to announce that the Water Project in Madagascar has been successfully delivered and commissioned. The community of Efoetsy is now enjoying a daily supply of 15,000 liters of clean water, made by utilizing the sunshine to desalinate saltwater.

The water is distributed using different fountains in the community, while local people are successfully trained to operate and maintain the solution, together with our local partner TMD. 

The inhabitants and the neighbouring high-school now have a continuous and clean drinking water supply, causing a healthier community. Moreover, the time initially spent on collecting water, often done by women and children, can now be used for community-building activities and schooling. This will create a society with more opportunities for development, compliant with the Sustainable Development Goals, as adopted by the United Nations Development Program in 2015.

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Wilde Ganzen granted 24.446 €

Wilde Ganzen is a Dutch organisation whose mission to end worldwide poverty and inequality. Wilde Ganzen has been working for almost 60 years with dedication and determination, because the prevailing inequality in the world is something they wish to change. The approach of Wilde Ganzen is to co-finance projects and provides support and advice.

Without the continuous support of our project by you we could not have been able to complete this project. This is a huge milestone for the community and for us. We would like to express our gratitude to all of our donors that have made this possible.

Individual actions contribute with similar impact.

Special thanks go to an individual of one of our partners who turned his graduation into a fundraising activity and thereby contributing to the welfare of the rural community through the completion of his education. Thank you, Bram!

Our first project has been realized,
but our work is far from completed.

Over 11 million people in Madagascar still lack access to safe water. Especially rural areas are disproportionally affected, with over 85%, having no access to clean water. 

As many women & children in the areas around Efoetsy are still spending hours each day to collect unsafe drinking water, the Elemental Water Foundation has decided to develop and fund another project for a community in Madagascar. Building upon the experience and partnerships realized we are certain that we can again make a difference & generate a sustainable and measurable impact.

Our Next Project also needs your help

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