Wilde Ganzen is now our Madagascar project partner

With great excitement we can hereby announce that the Dutch organization, Wilde Ganzen, will henceforth be our project partner for the Madagscar project. The Elemental Water Foundation is very impressed with the 60-year track record of Wilde Ganzen in development cooperation and is grateful to receive its support.

The mission of Wilde Ganzen is to end poverty across the world. To achieve its mission, Wilde Ganzen supports projects that are being initiated through the cooperation of local, developing communities and committed Dutch individuals and organizations. This way, projects which have been started with much enthusiasm and involvement have a better chance to become self-sustained. The Foundation and the Madagascar project have met the requirements set by Wilde Ganzen, and is now eligible for their support in the form of invaluable expertise & advice and project co-financing. Amongst other support, Wilde Ganzen will be supplementing every single euro donated to the Madagascar project with €0.50 during the coming fundraising period. This will have a significant effect on our fundraising efforts as Wilde Ganzen’s support will decrease the funding gap by a third and increase every donation made.

We look forward to the collaboration with Wilde Ganzen and are certain their support will increase the success of the Madagscar project!

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