Clean Water for Madagascar

Madagascar is one of the 10 least developed countries in the world. Along the coast, there are numerous rural communities that lack access to safe drinking water. These underdeveloped communities rely on groundwater. The quality of the groundwater is brackish and turbid, causing disease as its unfit for consumption. However, these communities have no other option for drinking water... Or will they?

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To provide 2000 people with potable water each day that meets the WHO health standards we need to raise XX.000 EUR. This money will buy a solar energy powered desalination unit that will turn the salty water into potable water using only the sun. The people don’t have to walk 20 kilometres to the nearest fresh water source and can spent the time getting an education, leading to empowerment and improved health. For us it’s so simple, for them it means the world.

The donated money will cover the design, transportation and installation of the complete potable water solution. With the help of local partners, people will be trained to operate and maintain the solution. The limited operation expenses of the water solution are covered by selling the water for a reduced water rate, to make sure the responsibility of operation and maintenance is embedded in the community.

Strong local partners for successful project implementation

Through a partnership with an NGO that has been active for decades in the region and a company that does well-drilling and piping around the country of Madagascar, the two biggest local risks have been mitigated.

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